Although she left the physical psychodrama stage at age 99, on 19 September, 2016, Zerka lives on in the hearts, minds, and spirits of those of us who were fortunate enough to train with her, to know her, and have her as our Good Enough Mother. Psychodramatists around the globe will celebrate the 100 th anniversary of Zerka’s birth on June 13 th . Although J.L Moreno was the father of psychodrama, no one questions the tremendous contributions that his wife and muse made to the field. Contemporary, classical psychodrama certainly bears the mark of her strong, yet gentle hand.

This past June I had the honor to participate in a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Zerka’s birth in Xiamen, China. As Zerka used to tell us: “Become a psychodramatist and see the world.”

A highlight of the celebration was a special dinner given in memory of Zerka. Dr. Kate Hudgins, and 3 others of the organizers from China and Taiwan, were dressed in clothing they had inherited from Zerka. Dr Nien-hwa Lai, who started the Taiwan Psychodrama Association with Zerka’s blessing was joined by Professor Zhao Bingjie and Sang Zquin from Mainland China as hosts for this great event. Seeing those garments connected me to the times when I had seen them adorning the graceful form of my Psychodramatic Mother. Surely her spirit was dancing with us throughout the evening. When invited to speak I recalled a statement that Zerka made in one of the first workshops I ever attended. She explained that the psychodrama stage was a “sacred space; a space where we, as humans, can be at our very best.” That was one of Zerka’s greatest gifts, to call forth the best in each of us.
Toward the end of the evening there was a birthday cake, and I was invited by Dr. Kate to a place of honor beside her in the candle lighting ceremony. As psychodramatic brother and sister we shared tears of sorrow and tears of joy as we remembered this amazing woman who had so changed our lives.