Start date: December 2, 2016

End date: December 3, 2016

Location: Lembaga Psikologi Terepan - University of Indonesia Selemba Raya No. 4 - Jakarta, Indonesia - 10430

Role Analysis is a powerful, clinical and organizational-development tool that allows individuals and groups to move away from labels of good/bad or right/wrong. It focuses instead on the ways in which various behavior clusters serve movement toward goals, promote the maintenance of the status quo, or result in movement away from desired outcomes. Based on J.L. Moreno concept of role theory, it was developed to a large extent by psychodramatists in Australia and New Zealand.

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of the dynamics of role theory, practice in implementing a role analysis with an individual or group, and will explore action strategies for working with the results of role analysis to move toward a desired outcome.

This training is appropriate for counsellors, therapists, educators, consultants, and life coaches. Previous experience in psychodrama is not required.