Start date: July 20, 2018

End date: September 2, 2018

Location: Sessions are offered in Penestanan Kelod, a short distance from Alchemy Restaurant.

Figure out your Next Step – Gain Perspective –
Envision yourself in a Different Place

Especially helpful for people who are: experiencing career or life transitions; struggling to alter unhealthy behaviors; trying to cope with grief and loss.

Enter into the Imaginal Realm and create a playful, spontaneous and confidential environment in which to assess your current position, the events and people that have shaped your past and present, and the choices you might make on your journey into the future. Utilize an array of action figures on the Rosenthal Miniature Psychodrama Stage to consider possibilities, explore outcomes and uncover answers. What are these session like? Here is a description from a recent participant and long-time resident of Ubud:

“Mario’s Magical Theatre is a miniature wooden stage on which characters, that you choose from a vast array of figures – can act out situations and feelings from within yourself. Guided by Mario, who will draw your attention to all kinds of subtle and interesting details of how you place your figures on the stage, bringing great insight – you will act dialogues that draw on various inner perspectives, working through them, and reaching understanding, integration and transformation. Like a tiny Family Constellation for one – where you are the puppet master as well as being the star of the show – you will love this fascinating entertaining and playful guided journey into yourself, with Mario Cossa, a master of this art form of psychodrama – guided personal theatre therapy.

“I loved the time I spent with Mario exploring my inner world through this process! I chose some characters and positioned them on stage, and Mario got me to start to articulate what each wanted to say. This was fascinating, and fun, uncovered how various parts of myself were feeling, and helped me start to unravel some conflicts, bringing new options, resolution, and understanding. Mario is a very experienced, sensitive and supportive coach and brought out some very interesting aspects that I had not been aware of. I highly recommend Mario’s work – and these sessions, which are a very fun and fascinating way look inside yourself to reach transformation and growth!”

Sessions are offered in Penestanan Kelod, a short distance from Alchemy Restaurant, for one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours.

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