Date: January 24, 2016

Time: 3pm to 6pm

Location: at Ubud Fitness Bottom Floor - Jalan Jero Gadung - Ubud

Whether you have been tapping your toes for years or have never heard of jazz hands, you can join the fun and enjoy a good aerobic workout set to an assortment of musical numbers from a wide range of shows. Simple choreography will keep it lite and easy as we soft shoe and Busby Berkeley (etc.) our way through a fun workout. Should the class so decide, we can culminate with a recital for friends and family.


from 3:45 to 4:45 pm


Reflective theatre is a blending of issue-oriented, audience-interactive theatre with elements of Playback Theatre that provides a medium within which actors and audience can make new and richer meaning from experience. It enhances spontaneity through use of word and sound, movement and gesture, action and reaction. The class will culminate in at least one performance for family, friends, and community and may lead to the creation of an on-going Reflective Theatre Company.


from 4:45 to 6pm


Psychodrama, from its Greek roots, literally means the soul in action! Developed initially by J.L. Moreno in the 1920s, it is currently practiced, with many variations, throughout the world. Moreno was also a pioneer in Improvisational Theatre and Social Network Theory and felt that since our lives are lived in action and interaction, sitting (or laying down as the Freudians practiced) and merely talking was not an effective means of promoting greater health and developing a broader role repertoire. Join in the co-creation of a safe and supportive group environment for personal exploration and transformation.

For More Information About This Sampler Session And/Or Any Of The Anticipated Classes, Please CONTACT US.