Introduction to Sociodrama

It is in the field of sociodrama that psychodrama and drama therapy become almost indistinguishable. Sociodrama is the action exploration of a group or several groups within a community or culture. Instead of focusing on a specific individual it focuses on an issue or concern common to the members of a group and allows both understanding of the intra- and inter-group dynamics, as well as exploration of possible solutions to concerns or problems.

Format: This workshop consists of didactic presentation, experiential activity, and discussion/processing to introduce the principles and practices of sociodrama including: exploring common group concerns, developing appropriate role descriptions and parameters, developing and directing action structures, utilizing role reversal, facilitating sharing, and processing dramas.

Participants: This workshop can be tailored to accommodate the needs of various participant groups such as educators, counselors, group facilitators, therapists, etc. The more homogeneous the participants, the more specifically focused the workshop. Psychodrama or drama therapyexperience is not required, although a workshop can be designed specifically for psychodramatists and/or drama therapists.

Learning Outcomes – Participants will be able to:

  • define sociodrama;
  • list the elements for successful warm-up, action, and sharing of asociodrama;
  • facilitate techniques for identifying and developing the various roles within a sociodrama; and
  • facilitate the enactment of a sociodrama.

Logistics: This workshop can be offered as a full-day workshop with 6-7 hours of workshop time book-ended around a lunch break, a two-day workshop with 6-7 hours the first day and 5-6 the second, or a full weekend, including a Friday night introduction. Time is adjustable. Space needs include a room with movable chairs and large enough to accommodate the people involved. Tables off to the side and a blackboard or whiteboard are needed.