Preventing Burn-Out

Most work settings, whether business or organizations, generally generate stressors that can easily lead to stress-related illnesses and/or burn-out. This training brings greater awareness about personal, interpersonal and systemic causes and supports participants in discovering remedies specific to their situations.

Format: The workshop consists of didactic presentations, experiential activities, and discussions/ processing as it explores the root causes of Burn-Out. Participants will explore the specific situations and stressors effecting them as well as develop personal and group strategies to provide adequate self-care.

Participants: This workshop is appropriate for groups of individuals working together in a common setting, even if from different departments or holding diverse positions.

Outcomes – Participants will be able to:

  • describe the root causes of burn-out;
  • assess the major causes of their own stressors within the workplace; and,
  • articulate personal self-care plans.

Logistics: This training can be offered as a half- or full-day workshop with 3-7 hours of workshop time. Start and end times are negotiable. Space needs include a room that is large enough to accommodate the people involved that has movable chairs with tables off to the side. We also need a blackboard or whiteboard and appropriate chalk/ markers.