Sociometry Techniques and Strategies

Sociometry is the study of the kinds and amounts of connection between and among individuals in a group and between an individual and the people and groups in his/her life. We also use the term to describe activities that help build and enhance positive connections between group members.

Format: This workshop consists of didactic presentation, experiential activity, and discussion/processing to introduce basic techniques of sociometry such asspectrogram, locogram, step-in sociometry, andhand-on-shoulder sociometry as tools for assessment, goal setting, treatment planning, and building group cohesion. It pairs well with the Social/Cultural Atom workshop.

Participants: This workshop can be tailored to accommodate the needs of various participant groups, such as educators, counselors, group facilitators, therapists, etc. The more homogeneous the participants, the more specifically focused the workshop. Psychodrama or drama therapy experience is not required, although a workshop can be designed specifically for psychodramatists and/or drama therapists.

Learning Outcomes – Participants will be able to:

  • define sociometry and sociometric activity;
  • facilitate spectrograms, locograms, and step-in sociometry;
  • explain how sociometric activity both provides information about the connections existing within a group as well as enhances group cohesion; and
  • list several ways they will employ these techniques in their current and/or future work.

Logistics: This workshop can be offered as a full-day workshop with 6-7 hours of workshop time book-ended around a lunch break, a two-day workshop with 6-7 hours the first day and 5-6 the second, or a full weekend, including a Friday night introduction. Time is adjustable. Space needs include a room with movable chairs and large enough to accommodate the people involved. Tables off to the side and a blackboard or whiteboard are needed.