Team Building

This workshop utilizes action structures to investigate interpersonal connections that already exist within a group as well as to build new, supportive connections to help create a better sense of team. It explores, safely and with anonymity, what each participant needs from the others in order to make the team function more effectively. Participants may also explore what occurs when participants are working well together in this business/organization and celebrate the ability of its members to function successfully as a team. It may then provide the opportunity (without using actual names or incidents) to discover what some of the commonly occurring problems are. Role training is then utilized to practice working toward solutions when problems do arise. This framework has been successfully employed with both US and Indonesian groups.

Format: The workshop consists of experiential activity, and discussion/processing. The specific structure of the workshop will reflect the expressed needs of the workshop organizers and/or be generated by the participants as an integral part of the training process.

Participants: This workshop is applicable for a business/organization just starting up and/or for one of long standing in which staff may be divided into groupings according to length of time they have been part of the workforce or organization.

Outcomes – Participants will be able to:

  • acknowledge existing connections and build stronger connections within the group and between various sub-groups;
  • express concerns and needs in a safe and anonymous manner;
  • celebrate the successes they have shared and understand the elements that contribute to success; and,
  • develop creative solutions to difficulties whether from past, present, or possible future encounters.

Logistics: This training can be offered as a half-day workshop (3-4 hours), or a full-day workshop with 6-7 hours of workshop time that includes a lunch break. Start and end times are negotiable. Space needs include a room that is large enough to accommodate the people involved that has movable chairs with tables off to the side. We also need a blackboard or whiteboard and appropriate chalk/ markers. Art materials may be incorporated into the activities (optional but not essential)