The Social / Cultural Atom

J.L. Moreno created the social/cultural atom for mapping an individual’s relationship to other people, groups, and social influences decades before Facebook was even an idea. It remains a powerful tool for working with clients to assess their current relationships (whether positive, negative, or ambivalent), to set goals for relational repair, and to measure progress toward these goals. Similar in some ways to the genogram, it provides information of greater depth and breadth.

Format: This workshop consists of didactic presentation, experiential activity, and discussion/processing. It includes teaching and practicing the paper-and-pencil S/C Atom, interpreting the information revealed, and putting the S/C Atom into action.

Participants:This workshop can be tailored to accommodate the needs of various participant groups. The more homogeneous the participants, the more specifically focused the workshop. Psychodrama or drama therapy experience is not required, although a workshop can be designed specifically for psychodramatists and/or drama therapists.

Learning Outcomes – Participants will be able to:

  • explain the ways in which the S/C Atom is a type of sociometric technique;
  • conduct a pencil-and-paper S/C Atom;
  • ask relevant questions to help a client interpret the information revealed in a S/C Atom; and
  • describe how to put a S/C Atom into action.

Logistics: This workshop can be offered as a full-day workshop with 6-7 hours of workshop time book-ended around a lunch break, a two-day workshop with 6-7 hours the first day and 5-6 the second, or a full weekend, including a Friday night introduction. Time is adjustable. Space needs include a room with movable chairs and large enough to accommodate the people involved. Tables off to the side and a blackboard or whiteboard are needed. Each participants will need several pieces of paper (larger is better than notebook sized.)