Trainings for Human Service Providers

The following workshops are designed for therapists, counselors, social workers, treatment centers, hospitals, etc., who wish to include or expand the utilization of action techniques in their repertoires. They can be modified to serve the needs of a specific population more accurately.

All training hours can be applied toward certification according to the standards and procedures of the American Board of Examiners in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and/or the North American Drama Therapy Association. (For more information: and/or .)

When sponsored by an organization, training institute, school, etc., fees are on a contract basis for half-day, full-day, and multiple-day sessions. Several workshop offerings can easily be combined into multiple-day programs.

Drago-Drama: Using archetypal psychodrama/sociodrama to explore obstacles to significant life goals.

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Rebels with a Cause – Working with Adolescents Using Action Techniques: An overview of the applications of action techniques to understanding the needs of and working effectively with adolescent groups.

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Resourcing Your INNER ADOLESCENT: Exploring the unresolved issues of adolescence that are carried by adult youth workers and the impact these issues have on the work we do.

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Befriending your Amygdala: Exploring the Neurobiology of Trauma and Developing Self-Care Strategies: Exploring the nervous system’s response to traumatic experience and combatting the effects of “Secondary Traumatization or Compassion Fatigue.”

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ACTION INTEGRATION – Working with Trauma and Displacement Issues: An introduction to using action modalities when working with survivors of trauma and refugees.

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Recovering in Surplus Reality – Using Action Methods to Workwith Addictions and Addictive Behavior: Exploring addictions and recovery through the psychodramatic lenses of Surplus Reality, Role Reversal, and Role Training.

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Role Analysis: A tool for assessment, treatment planning, and healing for individuals and groups.

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Burn-Out and Compassion Fatigue: Explore the root causes and remedies for Burn-Out and Compassion Fatigue.

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Working with XYZ (insert most any topic area) in Action: Learn how to utilize action structures to teach and/or explore almost any topic area.

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From Human Service Professionals

The following comments are a sampling of evaluation responses from participants who have attended the Befriending Your Amygdala Workshop.

  • Nicely organized I loved the brain enactment.
  • I appreciated the drama in which participants played the various parts of the brain. It has given me a better understanding of the brain and its function. Mario was clear.
  • Excellent use of spontaneous enactments to illustrate/explore functions & relationships among the parts of brain.
  • Creating the scene with the brain made something so complicated very clear. The thoughtful warm up also contributed to ease of learning.
  • I appreciated the establishment of safety and the consistent reinforcement of its importance. Also, the length of the workshop and amount of material was not overwhelming and easily could have been.