Working with XYZ (insert most any topic area) in Action

This workshop teaches the principles of action exploration and its application to almost any topic area.

Format: The workshop consists of didactic presentations, experiential activities, and discussions/ processing. The focus will, of course, be primarily on experiential activity. The specific structure of the workshop will reflect the topic and may include opportunities for practicing new skills or ways of facilitating exploration.

Participants: This workshop is for those who are interested in using action techniques to explore just about any topic for the first time, or for those who have been exploring a particular topic through more traditional means and would like to take their exploration to a deeper level.

Learning Outcomes: Learning outcomes are dependent on the content area.

Logistics: This training can be offered as a half-day workshop (3-4 hours), or a full-day workshop with 6-7 hours of workshop time that includes a lunch break. Start and end times are negotiable. Space needs include a room that is large enough to accommodate the people involved that has movable chairs with tables off to the side. We also need a blackboard or whiteboard and appropriate chalk/ markers. Art activities can be incorporated and would, then, require art supplies.